All bidders agree to the conditions of sale as stated below: Hermann Historica oHG acts as commissioner for unnamed consignors. All business is conducted in Euro. All lots may be examined on our premises and cannot be sent to prospective bidders for purposes of their inspection. Catalogue descriptions are made as conscientiously as possible, nevertheless, no statement shall be deemed as a warranty. No guarantee as to the operation or firing condition of any weapon offered for sale is made by Hermann Historica oHG. The auctioneer reserves the right to rearrange, separate, exclude or withdraw any lot without giving a reason.

URL for Mini Serial #’s & Manufacture Dates

The results from the Mini were more than impressive during realistic testing. Based on my research, I had found that Jeff Cooper hailed the as an excellent all around scout round which had proven itself through history. Even at yards the and 7. On the other side of the equation, the 7.

A solid and reliable knife is standard gear for hunters, outdoorsmen, campers, hikers, handymen, hobbyists and many others – not to mention police and military users. Whether you’re out hunting, whittling in your workshop or just driving in your car, knives are a great tool to have on-hand for any number of situations. We are pleased to have a large selection of knives for sale online, big and.

Would you want that person to be defenseless? Below is a response to a simlier question I sent on Jan 20, in the Va Firearm laws thread of Albert shank. It is not specifically regarding handling a firearm if you are a convicted felon, but my answer would be about the same I will protect my own, until i succeed, fall, or both. I have given forgiveness, and yet it has not diminished my memory I have personal friends that have succesfully been through AA thank god, as i feel it is the only reason they are still with us and are alcohol free one for over 10 years and he will be the first one to tell you he is still an addict, he just has learned how to cope and ignore the urge to put himself in a position to drink I also believe that you can take corrective action, the key word being “YOU” Do Good Things, and Carry On!

Be particular, and be vigilant, as the enemy will only attack on two occasions: When you’re ready or when you’re not ready. Also never forget, that everyone who shows up, is not necessarily there to help.

Ruger Mini 14 Question

The M1 was used extensively by U. Most M1 rifles were issued to soldiers, though many thousands were also given as foreign aid to friendly forces. It is also widely sought after by the civilian population as a hunting rifle, target rifle, as well as a prized military collectible. It is available for American civilian ownership through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. History Although designed in , production delayed deliveries to the Army till September

I’ve owned sevral Ruger Mini’s, dating back to the early 80’s. Not once, did one of them have a polished finish. They were all the dull, matte, SS finish.

Despite being popular with civilians, Bill Ruger wanted to get into law enforcement and security contracts. The corporation’s earlier designs had been Colt Peacemaker -style single-action revolvers. Ruger used investment casting for most parts in an effort to hold down production costs. The grip profile of the Sentinel was used on the “Six” line. Ruger’s new double action revolvers were unlike other guns on the market in that they used a one-piece frame, rather than a removable sideplate, which lent them superior strength.

The Ruger Redhawk, introduced in and also designed by Sefried, was a scaled-up and improved version of the Security-Six. The “six series” line enjoyed sales success because of their basic features, solid construction, and competitive pricing. The Security-Six and its derivatives also became the standard issue service weapons of a large number of police departments, in addition many were exported overseas.

Ruger Mini

Names[ edit ] His family name is Breivik, while Behring, his mother’s maiden name, is his middle name and not part of the family name. His family name comes from Breivika in Hadsel , and literally means “broad vik ” [9] or “broad bay. Breivik was born in Oslo on 13 February , [1] [2] the son of Wenche Behring — , a nurse, and Jens David Breivik born , a civil economist , who worked as a diplomat for the Norwegian Embassy in London and later in Paris.

His father, who later married a diplomat, fought for, but failed to achieve, custody. When Breivik was four, living in Fritzners gate in Oslo, two reports were filed expressing concern about his mental health, concluding that Anders ought to be removed from parental care.

Sep 05,  · Hi all- I am new here but have had my Ruger Mini 14 for over 10 years. We recently (day before yesterday) took it to the range to fire off a few. The.

North Texas I have a number of Rugers and have always considered them a great value, but the last few years they seem to be having some troubles. It seems that many of their newer releases are being recalled. The latest is a recall on the Ruger Precision Rifle. I sent my new Ruger MKIV in for the recall and when it came back the hammer was not cocked and had to be manipulated before it could be installed onto the frame. That wasn’t too bad, but when I removed the free magazine that was sent with it, a small pin fell out through the mag well.

Nothing in the Illustrated Parts Breakdown looks just like the pin that fell out so I’m not too concerned. So, I emailed them and included a pic of the pin, but have never received a reply. Since it appeared to function correctly manually I ran about 20 rounds through it without issue. The MKIV recall documentation was an issue also as the serial number they sent with the shipping box did not match my gun. Took a couple of phone calls to straighten that out. Ruger’s customer service is usually very good, but they are struggling at present.

Perhaps management should slow down on the new releases and place renewed emphasis on QC. Ruger Recalls [ Re:


Description Details These are the finest aftermarket stocks ever made for the Remington ! I realize that is a strong statement but when you see the condition our competitors stock arrives in you will know exactlty what I mean, we used to carry them. These are the only fully inletted, fully finished premium drop-in stocks for those excellent old tack driving machines available today, in our 1 selling thumbhole. Even the floorplate is inletted, something others don’t always do.

Baby Boomers Housing Trends. 10 22 Charger Takedown Barrel ruger 10 22 rear sight replacement laser sights for ruger 10 22 rifle. aftermarket ruger lcp sights, Baby Boomers Statistics, good male dating profile examples, Ruger Mini 14 Rear Sights Stella McCartney Adidas Jacket; free job posting websites – Sexxchatmatch Sani Heady Match Count.

Entries at this blog are akin to good old-fashioned campfire chats; I offer no opinion on what you should or should not purchase, or what you should be using or doing. What does or does not work for me could be many country-miles away from your tastes and your needs. I do not accept payment, gifts, discounts, freebies, products on loan, demon alcohol, drugs, probation, parole, Presidential Pardons, or any flavor of sexual favors for doing any review. Our Lord and Savior, The Almighty Gooooogley, bakes those scrumptious cookies and whenever The Almighty Gooooogley cooks something up it means everything related is for sale; it is possible that some of you good souls could be sold-out.

Ante omnia armari To each of you Thanks for stopping by. Sunday, May 24, Browning Semi Auto. Depending on the part of the country we are traveling to, it sometime comes along as an essential piece of vacation luggage.


Design And Development Designed by L. James Sullivan and William B. The rifle is available in stainless or blued finish with hardwood, synthetic, or laminated stocks and an Target models are currently available only in. They feature a inch mm heavy barrel and either a laminated wood or Hogue overmolded synthetic stock. However Ruger now offers some Mini rifles in a black ATI adjustable folding stock with a pistol grip.

According to Mitch Stacy of Associate Press Ruger now makes a Assault Rifle as told in his story about H. Rap Brown’s conviction and sentencing: Thecaliber Ruger assault rifle and Browning handgun were recovered in the woods nearby. The defense suggested the weapons had been planted by federal authorities.” It was a mini

I apologize for not commenting sooner. I installed the Har-Bar the range. I fired a “group” with my Mini 50 yards. I installed your product, let the lock tite set up, and had another go at it. I had to adjust the scope, but several holes were actually touching! A few tweaks on the scope, and I put the target out yards. I bought along a non-touch thermometer.

8 Reasons Why the Ruger Mini-14 is Better Than the AR15 (4K UHD)

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