Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2’s competitive scene is unique in a sense that their match set-up is vastly different from regular public or pub servers. Pub servers usually have 24 player caps with up to 12 players on each team, no class limits, no item restrictions, and all maps available. They can get chaotic, which is good for casual players who just want to do what they want in a variety of maps with a simple yet fun objective. However, that also means strategies and tactics commonly take a backseat, and the skills and knowledge of some of the players can be As a result, very skilled and smart players dubbed ‘pub stars’ or ‘pub stompers’ can crush the enemy team easily and rise to the top of the scoreboard. The competitive scene, on the other hand, offers a much more structured gameplay. They also disable random critical hits and random damage spreads, like shotgun pellets, to prevent the Random Number God from interfering with an otherwise fair match.

YG Unfair Dating Bans

It sounded like a Korean High School Musical, but with more natural music numbers because the kids are attending a special arts academy for singers, actors, and musicians. On Korean television, shows only last for one season, but on rare occasions when something is massively popular, they’ll continue the same basic idea with a different cast, so this show is not quite a traditional season more like a spinoff show of the original.

The real reason I wanted to watch Dream High 2 was because some real life K-pop singers are in the show, and I wanted to check out their acting. Then there’s Hyorin from Sistar, and while I’ve never heard their music, I have heard many times that Hyorin’s voice is amazing.

Dating Ryan was never Luci’s plan, but plans can change. Is this hot jock worth risking everything she’s worked for? Goal Keeper is a laugh-out-loud standalone full of swoon-worthy, forbidden s:

Considering that an additional 8. On average, trainees attend for four or five years before being allowed to debut if they debut at all. In addition to the monetary costs are other, more intangible ones. During that process, the company may require the aspiring star to live in a boarding house with colleagues or rivals , go on a strict diet with regular weight checks and put in more than 10 hours of practice a day.

The members of After School were forbidden from having cell phones. When this ironic fact became publicly known, their management relented and let them have cell phones. Because of that, she falls asleep as soon as she gets home. So we kept searching the whole building for our leader. Suddenly our staff member said she fell asleep inside the cubicle. But the seat was so comfortable and I didnt even smell any bad odors. Last year, when actress Jang Ja-yeon committed suicide after allegedly being forced to act as an escort for VIPs at the behest of her manager, it led to an investigation by the Fair Trade Commission, which found last July that most entertainment contracts, including those for idol groups, infringe on performer privacy and limit their ability to change agencies.


In the past, the company was relatively liberal with what fans were allowed to bring during fansign events, which allowed gifts such as snacks, wearable accessories, and stuffed animals. Hello this is JYPE. From today on at album fansigning events, 1 You can only receive autographs on albums.

“Daddy JYP” (not exactly Stray Kids but still inappropriate) We need to set rules and expectations for ourselves. I know it’s hard. Some of us are really new fans and are just adjusting to this fandom. Or we have been in a fandom for months and we are bringing habits from that fandom here. Choi Youngjae Youngjae GOT7 ARS

Han-gyeol actor Gong Yoo is a smart young man who hates to be tied down to one career in his life. One day, he meets Eun-chan, a cheerful girl who has an unpredictable personality, and learns the meaning of true love In the dreary city with towers of concrete structures everywhere The dynamism of the younger generation brings energy to the lifeless city The city can be an unfriendly place.

Then what brings energy and warmth to the city? Like an embroidery piece that requires many hours of cross-stitching threads with a small, thin needle, the people in the city are the fabric of society. We live winding lives that are not ordinary inasmuch as they are precious to our very existence.

Who is Nayeon’s Boyfriend Lovelife about Nayeon of TWICE

PDF This 35 page ebook full of photographs and diagrams is the perfect tool to help spark conversation and awaken your friends and family to the mother of all conspiracies. Please make copies, print, distribute, re-upload and do everything you can to get this most important information out to the masses! Download from the link above or read the entire thing online below: If Earth were a giant sphere tilted, wobbling and hurdling through infinite space then truly flat, consistently level surfaces would not exist here.

He skipped JYP’s rules. – He‘s friends with G–Dragon and TaeYang of BIGBANG. – His hobbies are composing songs, fashion, collecting accessories and shoes. – .

Unfortunately, the candy-colored sheen coats a sinister underbelly with ugly truths about K-pop. From a young age, these bright and peppy performers essentially enter an uncaring, exploitative entertainment harem in the K-pop industry. However, what’s going on in the K-pop industry isn’t hidden: In many cases, this includes not dating or doing anything too seemingly “independent” in the realm of politics.

Although the agency has a supposed commitment to training their performers in a type of “boot camp,” industry leaders often take advantage of their trainees. The agencies make these contracts last for over a decade at times, so if an idol chooses to back out, they need to pay a hefty fee. The average viewer might not notice the differences at first glance, but a plastic surgeon can spot them immediately. As one writer posited: In Korea, this method of sexual appeal thrives.

In some cases, it’s nearly impossible because of the substantial penalties and fines. If a music agency doesn’t want to cut ties with an idol yet, they’re reportedly not above blackmailing the person to compel them to stay. She tried to sue him , but he fled to the United States, where authorities apprehended him for statutory rape.

Dating In Entertainment Companies

She clarified the rumor by saying she has never had an operation. K-Pop agencies are keeping tight control over idol stars. The agencies usually make strict rules towards the idol stars, because they don’t want to be faced with unexpected danger. When a K-Pop idol makes a contract with his company, he has to writes a pledge to promise that he will obey the agency’s disciplines. Even though the Fair Trade Commission ordered the Korean entertainment companies to adopt the standard form of contract There are no compulsory disciplines in it , the agencies are still verbally urging its singers to follow the regulations.

The regulations about dating is the representative example for K-Pop agencies’ intense disciplines.

Jul 20,  · JYP Entertainment-JYP entertainment is the youngest of the big 3 companies. The K-pop powerhouse was founded in by singer Park Jin-Young. JYP has a reputation for focusing on the talent of their artists and showcasing a simpler brand of K-pop as opposed to the glitzy nature of SM.

As STYLE wraps up the year, we take a look back at some of the biggest news from the fast-paced world of Korean entertainment. Rain marries Kim Tae-hee January 19 Singer-songwriter and actor Rain stage name of Jung Ji-hoon and actress Kim Tae-hee — his girlfriend of five years — tied the knot early in Kim and Rain are both Catholics, and so opted for a small, private wedding ceremony in a Catholic church.

A post shared by Jendela Dapur jendeladapur on Jan 19, at 2: In , Rain made headlines when he flouted his military service rules in order to meet Kim. As an actor, he starred alongside Song Hye-kyo in the popular romantic comedy series Full House ; he also played starring roles in the Hollywood movies Speed Racer , directed by the Wachowskis, and Ninja Assassin , produced by the Wachowskis.

Kim is one of the biggest actresses in South Korea, and has played starring roles in some of the most popular TV series to hit the country, including Stairway to Heaven and Iris

Rain (entertainer)

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Reuters Image caption Chou Tzuyu found herself in the centre of controversy when she waved the Taiwan flag in a video They are known as “idols” and their job is “to sell dreams”. For decades, the young pop stars of Japan and South Korea have been the envy of teenagers. But behind the glamour, the lucrative industry is run by talent agencies with an iron fist.

Both J-pop and K-pop – as Japanese and South Korean pop are known – are multi-million dollar industries yet most of their stars are on salary and do not earn very much. They are also bound by strict rules on how to be idols. In Japan, for example, many are not allowed to date and getting married requires permission.

a lot of people and fans is so dissappointed for what happens about dating!!! im so sad cause twice is verry quite now. hmmm actually its so nice song, music video, dance all of you guys its so great and good job.. but said “kasalanan ng isa damay lahat.. twice is not Loyal!! not follows the rules and regulation.

However, companies certainly not only want to get back what they invested — they want to make fat profit, too. A lot of idols start work when underage. They are given this image of fame, money and glory and I doubt the negative sides of the industry no freedom, being whored out to sponsors etc are described to them, not that kids can really understand anyway. This is often a case of abuse of minors.

Parents allow their kids to go ahead and do it, because they are also in the dark and like the idea of the money it might bring. This is a daaark dark industry. Even darker than the kdrama one. When you are in what is essentially a mafia-like web of money, everything from your financial to your physical well-being might be threatened if you disobey. Bc I think Mafia-like to describe the industry is a somewhat accurate way.

Contract can have unfair terms, and I agree that consider most artists are underage, does not have the right mentality to distinguish or truly understand many things.

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