Seo Ji Young comes from a hugely influential family in the entertainment industry and her father spent a lot of money on setting up a company in so that Seo Ji Young could debut in a co-ed group named S arp. The group did extremely well under the production of Roo’Ra’s Lee Sang Min who was known for his exceptional song production skills. At the climax of their fame, the company recruited Lee Ji Hye as the main vocalist, which catapulted into a series of jealous torture by Seo Ji Young. Lee Ji Hye auditioned for her spot to get in while Seo Ji Young just wanted to use the group as a quick play for fame with her friends. Lee Ji Hye had to suffer countless abuse. The agency refused since the group was already so popular, leading Seo Ji Young to amp up the abuse until the situation got so out of hand that the company announced a press conference announcing their disbandment. While the media was speculating what was going on, the company eventually decided on a disbandment. Seo Ji Young paid her manager to make up lies to make her look like the victim at the press conference. The manager, however, knew the truth behind everything that was going on and just told everyone the truth. The videos taken at the press conference can put any banjun drama to shame

What would the biggest scandal in K

Jackie Chan has obviously noticed Wu’s skills as a performer and decided to make him a part of his entertainment company, Sparkle Roll Media. Advertisement Chan announced that Wu’s contract with his entertainment label would be exclusive. He confirmed the news during last week’s Shanghai International Film Festival. Every celebrity has negative news about them. Even I have had my shares of negative rumors.

Jan 11,  · The Many Things That Have Gone Wrong with Kasai Tomomi’s Career Like the Berryz and T-ara scandal? I ranted about that. But the Hirajima Natsumi and Yonezawa Rumi dating scandals? Didn’t give a shit about either one so I let them slip past my writing agenda. The Many Things That Have Gone Wrong with Kasai Tomomi’s : Nia’s Wonderland.

When the first generation get an ok goodbye kinda the second is a painful mess. If you know TVXQ lmao obvious , you know that they are legends. But they literally lost a lot of influence because of the separation of the group. To be clear Yoochun has been sued for Rape and Sexual harassment. The second one is Jae apparently hitting sasaengs and calling them names. Some experts said it was a fake. But it has been published like years after. Posting the flag, especially on this day was the dumbest thing to do.

Losing a member is a normal thing in kpop, especially in SM ent groups. Jessica left because… Well. And apparently it would have been a bad thing for SNSD. What a funny story. Among those stories, hitting the end of the second generation, we have Suju, obviously. SungMin married someone he loves in


How does it feel putting behind all the times you spent together and preparing for your last album? We all know that nothing good comes from us splitting apart. Anyway, we all cherish T-ara all the same. We all want to stay together. Each of us wants something different as well. The fans and the public will probably feel sad about the timing of your breakup.

Not long afterwards Hwayoung resigned because of T-ara’s bullying scandal so Hwayoung did not participate in the next comeback. Long after not appearing, T-ara lost two more members namely Boram and Soyeon for not extending their contracts with MBK Entertainment.

After all, media exists in servitude to its consumers. Meanwhile, it was unquestionable that all parties involved suffered a significant momentary setback as a result of the controversy. Things quieted down for a bit. Then suddenly, out of the blue, Hwayoung tweeted her condolences for having caused concern to her former group members, mainly due to them losing advertising and acting deals. Again, the K-pop world gravitated towards the story, commenting, speculating, commenting, lashing out, commenting, trolling, commenting, and yes, further commenting and giving the media even more incentive to dig up further dirt to reignite the whole thing in an endless cycle in which the fans fed the media and vice-versa.

But despite some awkward performances in front of disapproving crowds , the girls survived the ordeal and fled to Japan to continue their promotions. As for the future of T-ara, many question its ability to rebound and regain the momentum it possessed pre-controversy. Make no mistake, T-ara will overcome this if it continues to be one of the hardest working established idol groups. By making regular comebacks with hook song after hook song, constantly promoting overseas in between its comebacks, and overbooking its members with extracurriculars in acting and endorsements, T-ara will continue to stay in the limelight.

Most importantly, history has shown that if a group is popular enough, has an established track record, and a strong fan backing, it will rise from controversy stronger than ever. As much criticism as Core Contents Media CCM receives for its poor management of T-ara and other acts under its management , one thing it does amazingly well is that it ensures quality comebacks each and every time for its star girl group, shooting mini-drama and multiple version MVs for each promoted release.

Moreover, in the current universe of K-pop where relevancy is the name of the game, it has certainly done all that it could to ensure that T-ara constantly stays in the spotlight, for better or for worse. Kim Kwang-soo single-handedly ignited and added fuel to the fire by acting as a highly controversial figure, portraying the role of a power hungry tyrant before and during the crisis.

Ini Belog Korie: ![Pics]Ukiss Eli in Mnet Scandal

This blog will mostly remain as an archive now. You can find active updates on our twitter instead. At that time they gained a negative image with the public. Because the reason they cried after winning for the first time in 5 years was because they had a flashback of all the ups and downs they experienced. It feels like they got stronger after undergoing a series of bad incidents.

They invested their youth entirely on T-ARA.

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Posted by Kimchifii I hate this. Perfection in human kind is impossible? You might want to overthink that again… Guys. Call them what you want: Yeah, I know that women tend to say their biggest problems always involve the other gender BUT kdrama-lovers are a special species. Neither female nor male fans are to be reviewed as normal human beings. Our brains work different. Idols who can sing, dance, play instruments, act, are funny, polite, talented, humble and true gentlemen.

Actors who are as hot as the sun, super hard working and always donating money for some kind of good purpose. I could go on for hours but I think you caught what I wanted to say. I wonder though… do they always look like that? Bad-hair days do exist everywhere, right?!

List All Drama Korean drama

The raunchy cellphone footage, which showed a girl resembling Tulisa Contostavlos performing oral sex on an unidentified man emerged online yesterday. The video shows the woman performing oral sex on a man some are claiming is former “N-Dubz” bandmate and ex-boyfriend Richard Rawson a. Those who have seen the video, and admits that the woman does resemble Tulisa, but the pop artist and TV judge has yet to comment on authenticity of the video directly since it was leaked Monday.

The website that leaked the video, nottulisa.

T-Ara members have come forward to personally deny the rumor that they have been gifted with luxury cars by Wang Sicong, a Chinese conglomerate who founded the .

Designations for fans of T-Ara is Diadems. Boram is the oldest member in the T-Ara. Sooyeon is a former member SNSD. Soyeon SNSD leaving for personal reasons before the debut. They kissed in MV Lies. Eunjung is the lead vocal, while the vocals are Sooyeon play. Before the debut, Jiyeon is Jiyeon blood type is AB, while the blood type is O. Tae Kwon Do, traditional-style singing, horseback riding [carry-sling] Ideal type of guy is Hyomin Daesung of Big Bang.

Boram and Jiyeon never played in a drama that is ‘Soul aka Hon’.

, I believe Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung’s scandal is

I strive hard to keep my two cents out of most idol scandals unless one affects me so strongly that I feel like I have to write about it. Like the Berryz and T-ara scandal? I ranted about that. But the Hirajima Natsumi and Yonezawa Rumi dating scandals? Didn’t give a shit about either one so I let them slip past my writing agenda.

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He made his acting debut in but had his breakthrough with the romantic comedy My Girl. However, you may know him best for his role in Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. At his current age of 35 years old, he has accomplished many things, and his image plays a great role in that. But is plastic surgery to thank for all the craze over his handsome looks? People go through this procedure in order to redefine the shape of their nose, most often with the goal of making their nose into the ideal shape.

However, it takes a keen eye to notice the difference. Before, Lee Dong Wook had a good-looking nose. Seems a bit weird that he still wanted to change it, right? Well, we do suspect that he did get a nose job at some point in his career. If you look closely, his nose became a little bit thinner and sharper than before.


Learning to be creative — Part 2 In part 1 of this post, I talked about my struggles with becoming a more creative photographer. I also talked about some things I have done to improve my creativity. In part 2, I will talk a bit more about some of the things I think i can do. So, what can I do to open myself to creative thought and what things sniffle creativity?

I can stink of one thing that stifles me. I am very time conscious understatement here , so much so that I regularly synchronize my watch to the atomic clock.

Source. Sports World: T-ara leave MBK “Leaving the agency but the members will stay together Comments. gogo**** + Congratulations for finally getting away from Kwangsoo. smg1**** + To be honest, if they didn’t have the bullying scandal, they would’ve been one of the top groups just like SNSD.

What a fucking piece of shit. It sounds like a J-idol song, and J-idol songs fucking suck dick. As a T-ara fan, this is yet another kick in the balls. As a finance major, I know that this is probably going to make them more successful in Japan. Starting with the positives, Bunny Style manages to mesh the Jpop and Kpop sounds in a way that works. The melody and arrangement are clearly in the Japanese style, but the hook, refrain, and rap are in the Korean style.

Like a typical Jpop song, it’s so saccharine that it drives me fucking insane.

Bằng chứng các thành viên T-Ara ‘ăn hiếp’ Hwayoung

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